10 Ways To Make Your Vehicle More Aerodynamic

10 Ways To Make Your Vehicle More Aerodynamic

Aerodynamics may seem like a variable you can’t really change in your vehicle, but there are actually a few things you can do to boost it. The right changes will make your ride look sleeker and help improve performance and fuel efficiency. Find which way to make your vehicle more aerodynamic works for you, and then bring your sleek vehicle to life.

Install a Rear Spoiler

A rear spoiler is something that can do a lot of good for your car’s look and its performance at higher speeds. A spoiler can help reduce drag from the wind and improve stability. Whether you’re looking for greater airflow or minimized air turbulence, you can’t go wrong with a rear spoiler.

However, not every spoiler is equal. Find the right one for your vehicle’s unique make and model because the wrong piece will not be as effective.

Opt for Aerodynamic Side Mirrors

Too much wind resistance can keep your vehicle from moving as effectively as it should, and almost every part of the car contributes to this resistance. Therefore, you want to find streamlined components that will reduce drag and minimize turbulence. One way to achieve this is by picking up some sleek and aerodynamic side mirrors. Aerodynamic side mirrors still provide you with the same visibility you need on the road while also minimizing wind resistance. The right mirrors can help contribute to a smoother and more efficient driving experience.

Use a Car Bra or Nose Mask

Another way you can take your vehicle’s aerodynamics to the next level is by investing in a car bra or nose mask. The names sound a little silly, but these upgrades will do both you and your vehicle a lot of good. They can help shield your vehicle’s paint from the damage road debris can cause, and they’ll help to minimize air turbulence around the front of your car. This helps reduce drag, improve airflow, and get your car to achieve and maintain higher speeds.

Whichever you go for, whether a car bra or a nose mask, just be sure to get one that fits snugly and doesn’t obstruct the natural flow of air. Airflow is necessary for maximum performance and efficiency, so do not compromise on this to get a little less drag.

Lower Your Vehicle Ride Height

Your vehicle’s height also plays an important role in aerodynamics. If you want to easily boost your car’s efficiency, consider lowering your ride height. The biggest advantage of this change is the reduction of drag and a general improvement in aerodynamics because there’s less air flowing underneath your car. Bringing your ride down will also help improve fuel efficiency and the overall performance of your car.

However, lowering ride height does have its disadvantages. The reduced clearance makes it easier to scrape or hit items while driving. If you still want to lower your vehicle’s ride height, consult with professionals. With their expertise and tools, they can provide the right approach for the specific make and model of your vehicle, optimizing the benefits of a lower height while avoiding the pitfalls.

Use Aerodynamic Wheel Covers

If you want to improve your car’s aesthetics and aerodynamics, consider investing in some aerodynamic wheel covers. The wheels are a major source of air resistance and turbulence, but they don’t have to be when you invest in the right wheel covers. Try to find a lightweight, streamlined design that helps to minimize drag and optimize your vehicle’s performance. A small change around the tires can help make a noticeable difference in both the look and feel of your car.

Use Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Switching to low rolling resistance tires is another great way you can minimize the drag that comes with the friction of the road surface. The manufacturers of these tires design them to improve aerodynamics and combat the road’s friction. A simple tire change like this can help improve efficiency and boost your vehicle’s mileage.

In addition to finding low rolling resistance tires that help fight friction, you should look for a tread pattern that doesn’t compromise traction and safety. This is especially important if you expect to frequently navigate bad conditions like ice and rain on the road.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Another easy way you can improve your car’s aerodynamics is by simply keeping it clean from dirt and debris. You want to keep your vehicle light, so that means removing clutter from inside that could weigh it down.

Similarly, you don’t want dirt and debris accumulating on the exterior, further hindering its aerodynamics. When you regularly wash your vehicle and pay attention to dirty areas like grilles, vents, and gaps, you can keep drag low and improve performance and fuel efficiency.

Remove Unnecessary Roof Racks or Cargo Carriers

Keeping the inside of your cabin clutter-free helps lower your vehicle’s weight, but you shouldn’t stop with the inside. If you have roof racks or cargo carriers, consider taking them down when you don’t need them. Their size and shape disrupt smooth airflow, so take the time to uninstall them. By doing so, you’ll take aerodynamics in your vehicle to the next level.

Avoid Aftermarket Spoilers or Body Kits

Don’t drive every day with aftermarket spoilers or body kits. While these upgrades may bring some performance or aesthetic enhancements, the parts are likely not ideal for your unique vehicle’s make and model. Try to find parts for your vehicle that have gone through the appropriate testing to ensure they’re both functional and aerodynamic.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Your tires are another component you should pay special attention to. Beyond getting the right tires, you should ensure that you’ve properly inflated them. Tires that are over- or underinflated compromise your vehicle’s handling and safety and worsen the drag you’ll experience on the road. Check and maintain the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure so you can enjoy the aerodynamic benefits such pressure can provide.

Improving your vehicle’s aerodynamics sounds like a complicated undertaking, but it can be quite easy. With the right knowledge and tools, you can easily make your vehicle more aerodynamic, achieving greater performance on the road and better fuel mileage.

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10 Ways To Make Your Vehicle More Aerodynamic