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We bring you the finest Tesla wheel covers to make your Tesla even better than it was before! Wheel covers protect the wheel’s nuts and bolts from corrosion and damage. But our selection of Tesla wheel caps also elevate the look of your ride. If you want your Tesla to turn heads, replace your car’s original wheel covers with one of our stylish options.

We offer Tesla hubcaps for various models, including the Model 3 and Model Y, and while making improvements on such impressive models may seem impossible, it can be done with our Tesla wheel caps. For instance, we all know that Teslas are designed for efficiency, but what you might not know is that our wheel covers can actually improve that inherent efficiency by reducing wind resistance. To learn more about this efficiency-boosting feature and the other benefits of our Tesla hubcaps, browse our product collections. You can also learn more about our products and related trends within the Tesla community by visiting our blog.

Model 3
Wheel Covers

Model Y
Check out the Uber Turbine wheel cover that will bring your Tesla to the next level! Sleek and stylish Uberturbine wheel covers enhance your vehicle's appearance. High-quality materials stand up to everyday wear and tear, so these accessories look stunning year after year.
Futuristic Design
Featuring 14 spikes, the wheels bring a whole new sport feel and will surely make numerous heads turn after you pass! Simple installation means that you can install these Tesla wheel covers in minutes to give your ride a fresh look. The sleek black design and sporty construction will keep you rolling in style.
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Model 3 Wheel Cover Set
Looking for a way to dress up your Tesla Model 3? Then you've found the perfect set of wheels covers! Tesla aero wheel covers are a practical and cost-effective way to customize your car. Improve the look of your vehicle from multiple viewing angles.

The covers are made from a durable material and are designed to fit your Tesla perfectly. Plus, they're easy to install with just a few simple steps. The covers fit securely to the wheels, yet you can easily remove them for hassle-free maintenance when needed.

So go ahead and add a splash of style to your car with these Tesla Model 3 wheel covers! Shop with us today for high-quality Tesla wheel covers.
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