How To Install Wheel Covers on Your Tesla Model Y

How To Install Wheel Covers on Your Tesla Model Y

Tesla has been a leading force in creating innovative, highly capable electric vehicles that have helped change the public perspective of switching from gas to electric power. There are different Tesla vehicle options for those with various needs and lifestyles, from the trendsetting Model S to the universally loved Tesla Model 3 for its affordable pricing.

Over time, Tesla enthusiasts have been learning the ins and outs of how to improve the performance of their vehicles and to help them better align with their lifestyles and driving habits. Improving the aerodynamics and driving range of a Tesla can help drivers reach farther destinations while creating smoother driving opportunities—that’s where Aero wheel covers come in. So, here are the benefits of wheel covers and tips for installing them on Tesla Model Y vehicles.

Benefits of Tesla Aero Wheel Covers

Before going over wheel cover installation, let’s review the numerous benefits they offer. From increasing the visual appearance of a Tesla to increasing its driving range, wheel covers are more than their unique design.

Stylish, Visually Striking Appearance

Tesla is well known for its unique designs and future-inspired vehicles, but adding wheel covers can push the design further. Installing wheel covers can enhance the overall sleek design of a Tesla and boost visual aesthetics by simply swapping out their existing ones for newer, eye-catching Aero wheel covers.

Because Tesla has a unique design that sets them apart from other automotive companies, adding wheel covers gives it a more mysterious, modern look. So, if you want a better-performing electric vehicle, you can also install wheel covers to complement its design.

Improves Aerodynamics

It’s no secret that the design and shape of a vehicle can impact its overall range performance. For decades, automotive manufacturers have spent countless hours searching for increased top speeds, especially regarding racing. Therefore, aerodynamics is a prominent force in pushing the envelope for increasing higher speeds while reducing aerodynamic drag simultaneously.

When drivers want to improve a Tesla’s aerodynamic performance without negatively impacting drag and resistance, installing wheel covers can help increase the vehicle’s range and road grip. Furthermore, wheel covers can also help reduce noise performance for a smoother, quieter ride. Lastly, installing wheel covers on your Tesla can improve overall aerodynamic performance while increasing vehicle speeds.

Increases Driving Range

The mission of increasing the range of electric vehicles has existed since their inception. Many competitors have praised themselves for the driving range capabilities of their electric vehicles, but the range of these vehicles is often left behind compared to Tesla. Therefore, many electric vehicle owners strive to improve the driving range of their vehicles using built-in features and add-ons, including wheel covers.

Tesla Aero wheel covers are claimed to have improved energy efficiency and range capabilities. Some studies have recently proven that wheel covers have had an energy consumption of just over three percent. So installing wheel covers can help Tesla owners drive farther distances, and owners won’t have to go through hefty costs to modify their vehicles to achieve said distances.

Tips for Installing Wheel Covers

Let’s review a couple of helpful tips for installing wheel covers on a Tesla Model Y. By knowing how to replace existing wheel covers with improved ones, you can significantly enhance your Tesla Model Y’s performance and aesthetics.

Before Removing Wheel Covers

Before removing your existing wheel covers, it’s essential that you have all the proper tools and parts necessary. Furthermore, check your wheel cover packaging to ensure that the required parts are there, such as the Tesla logo snap and lug nut covers, if your wheel covers come with them.

Additionally, confirming that you have the right wheel cover size is crucial for it to work for your Tesla. You can test the sizing by holding the wheel cover up to the front of the wheel. Alternatively, you can measure by checking the tire size printed on the sidewall to ensure it can withstand the wheel cover size. You will also need a flathead screwdriver and a pair of work gloves to keep your hands clean and protected from scrapes and debris.

Tips for Wheel Cover Removal

Removing a wheel cover is a fairly straightforward process and is easy to comprehend. However, while it’s easy to remove with your hands, a flathead screwdriver can prevent wheel cover damage or breakage. You want to insert the flathead screwdriver between the tire and cover in the groove, wedging them apart.

Thankfully, the wheel cover should easily loosen and come right off, but beware of wedging the entire cover off from a singular spot. You want to preserve the wheel cover by wedging the flathead screwdriver along various areas. This makes it easy to grab it with both hands and pop it right off. Furthermore, if your Tesla Model Y has lug nut covers, you should remove them by simply screwing them off.

Before Wheel Cover Installation

As you move into wheel cover installation, there are a few things to know beforehand. First, while you have the wheel cover removed, take the time to clean the exposed wheel to prevent debris and grime buildup.

It’s common for gunk to become trapped under your wheel cover while driving, so cleaning while the cover’s off can help preserve and maintain your wheels. Thankfully, there are specialty wheel soaps and cleaners to choose from at any local auto shop to help your vehicles look good and sparkling clean. After you’ve cleaned your wheels, ensure you have everything you need to install your wheel covers.

How To Install Wheel Covers

Thankfully, installing new wheel covers is very simple; they don’t require specific or specialty tools and effortlessly snap onto the wheel itself. If your wheel covers have a center Tesla logo snap-on or lug nut covers, you should install those before your wheel covers. Installing your lug nuts or logo snap-ons only requires a small amount of force.

Afterward, look at the inside cover snaps as they will latch onto the Tesla wheel spokes. All you need to do is line the snaps with the wheel spokes, then firmly press your covers until you hear a snapping sound. You’ll want to do this throughout your wheel cover until it no longer makes snapping noises. Before you know it, you’ve installed your new wheel covers! Now you can take your Tesla to the open roads.

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How To Install Wheel Covers on Your Tesla Model Y