Proper Tesla Wheel Cover Removal & Installation Techniques

Installing Sexy Wheelz Tesla wheel covers is simple and takes very little time. Below, we’ll take you through the Tesla wheel cover removal and installation steps!

Before Removing the Old Tesla Wheel Cover

Before removing the old wheel cover, ensure you have all the necessary parts and tools. Double check the contents of the wheel cover package to ensure that all the parts are there, including the lug nut covers and center Tesla logo snap if your wheel cover has those.

You’ll also want to confirm you’ve got the right wheel cover size for your Tesla. You can gauge whether it fits by simply holding the cover up to the wheel or by ensuring the tire size printed on the tire sidewall fits with the size of the wheel cover. You’ll only need gloves—to keep your hands clean and protected—and a flathead screwdriver.

Removing the Old Tesla Wheel Cover

Before installation, we’ll show you how to take off the Tesla wheel cover. Tesla wheel cover removal is fairly straightforward, and while you can do it with your hands, it’s best to use a flathead screwdriver to prevent breaking the cover.

Insert the screwdriver into the groove between the cover and the tire, and wedge the two apart. The wheel cover should loosen easily, but you don’t want to wedge the entire cover off from one spot. Preserve the wheel cover by wedging the screwdriver in multiple areas of the cover so that when you grab it with your hands, it pops right off. If your Tesla has lug nut covers, remove those too—they should screw right off.

Before Installing the New Tesla Wheel Cover

After the Tesla wheel cover removal, you’re free to install the new one. Rather than immediately popping on the new cover, take advantage of having an exposed wheel to do some cleaning.

Dirt and grime can sometimes get trapped underneath the wheel cover while driving and coat the wheel, and with the cover off, it’ll be easy to give your wheels a quality cleaning. There are many specialty soaps for wheels you can find at any auto shop that’ll get your wheels looking as good as new.

Installing the New Tesla Wheel Cover

One of the benefits of our Tesla wheel covers is how easy they are to install since they’re snap-ons and don’t require any tools. If your wheel cover comes with lug nut covers or a center Tesla logo snap-on, put those on first before the larger wheel cover. They should go on easily after applying a moderate amount of force.

Examine the inside snaps of the cover. These snaps will latch onto the spokes of your Tesla wheel, so all you have to do is line up the snaps with the spokes on the wheel and firmly apply force until you hear the latch snap onto the wheel. Do this for the entire wheel cover until you can firmly feel that every latch of the cover is firmly snapped on.

And you’re done! If you’re ready to install new wheel covers on your Tesla, browse our inventory and order yours from Sexy Wheelz today!