Tesla Model S Wheel Covers

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Tesla Model S wheel covers protect wheels from scratches and dings caused by road debris. They shield most of the wheel to provide ultimate protection and give your car a unique look.

Give your luxury electric car a sporty design that’s modern and unexpected. Tesla Uberturbine wheel covers feature distinctive alternating silver and black blades. The design mimics the look of wheels in motion even when your vehicle is stationary.

Your car was built for speed and range, and Tesla Model S hub caps wheels should enhance these features. Our Tesla 19-inch wheel covers enhance your vehicle’s aerodynamic design and reduce drag at the wheels.

You can mount these protective accessories quickly and easily thanks to high-quality manufacturing and a secure fit. Once on, the covers will improve your car’s energy efficiency and increase your driving range.

New Tesla Model S wheel covers give your vehicle a sportier look and make a stunning impression. Shop with us today for attractive covers.