Tesla Model X Wheel Covers

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Elegant and high performing, the Model X is a true luxury vehicle. The design of our Tesla Model X wheel cover enhances the sleek aesthetic. It's the perfect exterior car accessory for customizing your personal vehicle.

Although the Model X recharges quickly, you want your crossover to go as far as it can on one charge. Air turbulence around car wheels increases drag and reduces your drive range. The aerodynamic lines Model X Überturbine wheel covers enhance energy efficiency and your vehicle’s performance.

Wheel covers protect the wheel’s nuts and bolts from damage. Tesla Model X 19-inch covers are durable and made with high-quality materials, so your wheels stay in great shape and look their best. Installation is simple because the covers fit perfectly onto the wheel.

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to the lifetime warranty on this hardy Tesla wheel accessory. These durable and stylish covers continue to impress years after installation. Shop with us today for protective Tesla Model X wheel covers.