3 Things To Know About Tesla’s Master Plan 3

3 Things To Know About Tesla’s Master Plan 3

The Tesla Master Plan 3 documentation covered a few essential factors: fossil fuel elimination, energy economy sustainability, and material feasibility. The plan’s goal was to forecast electricity demands in a fully electric economy without using fossil fuels.

Their plan is to create a cost-effective electric generation, determine the materials needed, and acquire the funding required to make such an economy. So, here are three things to know about Tesla’s Master Plan 3 and their plans for a sustainable energy economy.

Sustainable Fuel Boats and Planes

One notable part of the Tesla Master Plan 3 is their goal to make sustainable fuel boats and planes for continental and intercontinental travel. The plan hopes to optimize design routes and speed to enable smaller batteries with more charge stops along long routes. In addition, as the potential for synthetic fuel generation becomes available, higher-energy-density batteries can also enable longer-distance aircraft and decrease the need for synthetic fuels.

Fully Sustainable Energy Economy

Another thing to know about Tesla’s Master Plan 3 is their focus on a sustainable full energy economy. Wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels require additional electricity to create a sustainable energy economy.

The plan outlines a six-step process to fully electrify the economy and remove fossil fuels, acknowledging that some methods require increased energy output for mining and refining activities. However, the drawbacks are outweighed by the perks of an electric, sustainable economy.

Material Feasibility and Investment

The investment for Master Plan 3 includes the manufacturing facilities, mining, and refining operations needed for materials, along with hydrogen storage salt cavern installation. The manufacturing facilities that require significant capacity growth are for mining nickel, lithium, copper, and graphite and refining nickel, copper, cobalt, lithium, graphite, manganese, and battery-grade iron. Furthermore, Tesla requires investors to partake in the following: switching to electric vehicles, repowering existing grids with renewable electrifying high-temperature heat, switching building heat pumps, and only producing green hydrogen.

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