3 Tips for First-Time Tesla Model 3 Owners

3 Tips for First-Time Tesla Model 3 Owners

If you’ve recently purchased a new Tesla, you’re in for a unique driving experience. So, here are three tips for first-time Tesla Model 3 owners.

Understand Tesla Voice Commands

Like smartphones, a Tesla Model 3 has voice commands you can customize and implement. Easily activate voice commands within the system with one or two clicks of a button on the dash console. Activate the voice command system by pressing the right scroll wheel on the console or the voice button on your steering wheel, then speak your command. Use your voice to turn the music up, turn on seat heaters, or open the charging port. You can also use it to open your glovebox, turn wipers on and off, and other helpful orders you can find in your owner’s manual.

Destination Sharing From Phone to Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 has another beneficial feature: destination sharing. You can share your destination address in the Google Maps history on your phone with your Tesla Model 3, so you don’t have to type it into the vehicle’s navigation system. Type in the destination in Google Maps, press the three-dot icon, select the “share directions” option, then click the Tesla app to share your destination with your vehicle automatically.

You’ll only need internet access to share your destination with your vehicle. Then, once you get in your car, the destination appears in the navigation bar so you can begin your journey. It’s a great way to save time if you’re behind schedule.

Use the Energy App for Range Estimation

One of the most helpful tips for first-time Tesla Model 3 owners is to take advantage of the energy app. The energy app can help determine the range you have left and whether you have a full battery or are starting to run low on power. It considers the battery’s charge and other factors that impact your range, such as environmental conditions and recent driving habits.

The energy app helps you determine how much battery power you have left to plan your next trip or run errands. Furthermore, the energy app can show you which areas use the most energy. Familiarizing yourself with the energy app can help you strengthen your knowledge of your Tesla.

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