3 Ways Tesla Has Changed the Automotive Industry

3 Ways Tesla Has Changed the Automotive Industry

For years, Tesla has caught the attention of eco-conscious individuals and automotive enthusiasts for their sustainable makeup and powerful functionality. As a result, society continues to make an effort to switch from traditional automotive vehicles to electric vehicles, partly due to Tesla’s innovations. That said, here are a couple of ways Tesla changed the automotive industry.

Increased EV Coolness Factor

Electric vehicles of the past grabbed the attention of the environmentally-conscious crowd but, unfortunately, didn’t meet the standards of power and functionality that most drivers desired. So, when Tesla entered the automotive scene, it introduced some of the most visually attractive and powerful electric vehicles on the market.

As the Tesla Model X dropped, many considered it one of the fanciest electric vehicles available. It opened the doors for other car manufacturers to create visually attractive vehicles. Furthermore, Tesla homed in on creating powerful electric vehicles that amplified acceleration and range capabilities.

Revolutionized Autopilot Features

Many drivers have dreamt of cars that drive themselves. However, Tesla helped that dream come to fruition and developed self-driving vehicles through advanced technology. Tesla comes with Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features, one of their vehicles’ most notable assistance features.

While vehicles aren’t fully autonomous yet, Tesla offers a summoning feature, allowing drivers to control their cars with a mobile app that moves the vehicle into and out of parking spaces while you stand outside of it. So, Tesla enthusiasts can look forward to each improvement moving forward.

Over-the-Air Update Features

One unique way Tesla changed the automotive industry is through virtual updates. Manufacturers now create cars that receive over-the-air updates, improving functionality. Through touchscreen software, Tesla can download the latest updates over Wi-Fi, like smartphones, allowing for easier vehicle management without needing to visit a dealership.

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