3 Ways To Protect the Wheels on Your Tesla

3 Ways To Protect the Wheels on Your Tesla

One car manufacturer that has made waves in the last decade or so is Tesla, and while they’re incredibly stylish and efficient, they’re still susceptible to damage. You may not expect it, but your wheels can face a lot of damage as you drive around all kinds of terrain. Thankfully, there are ways you can protect the wheels on your Tesla and keep it looking clean and stylish for years to come.

Drive Carefully

One of the most obvious ways you can protect your Tesla’s wheels is by driving carefully. However, what does driving carefully look like to you? Well, one of the clearest examples is avoiding potholes. Depending on the speed you’re going and how deep the pothole is, you could accidentally inflict some major damage on your wheels.

Similarly, if you speed too much and go into turns too sharply, you could prematurely age or damage your wheels. If you want to protect your wheels, you need to drive more carefully.

Invest in Covers

Another way you can protect your Tesla’s wheels is with some high-quality wheel covers. Much like the name suggests, these accessories protect your wheels from damage and also improve your Tesla’s aesthetics.

There are various wheel covers to choose from, so if this sounds like the right option for you, look for high-quality covers that are easy to install. You want wheel covers that are stylish and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with your day-to-day driving.

Clean Your Wheels

In addition to driving carefully and investing in the right wheel covers, you should get a little dirty and give your wheels a good cleaning. After driving a lot, your wheels will undergo regular wear and tear, but they’ll also accumulate their fair share of dirt, debris, scratches, and dents.

You can’t get rid of the dents or scratches that may be there, but you can prevent new ones from emerging. If you clean regularly with a gentle cleaner and brush, you can preserve your wheels and keep them looking pristine.

These are a few key ways you can protect the wheels on your Tesla, and when you take the necessary steps, you can keep them looking clean for years. If wheel covers sound like the right option for you, let Sexy Wheelz take care of your Tesla with our set of 4 Tesla Model 3 18” wheel covers. They’re the perfect addition that will look good on your ride and keep your wheels safe.