4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Driving an Electric Car

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Driving an Electric Car

More and more people are driving electric cars than ever before, but these drivers may not be completely familiar with the unique challenges that come with electric vehicles. The world is easy for gas cars, and while EV infrastructure has grown, it’s still not anywhere equal, making being an electric car driver more difficult. Thankfully, when you know which common mistakes to avoid when driving an electric car, you navigate and overcome the challenges.

Not Planning Your Route

One common mistake when driving electric vehicles is failing to plan the route in advance. Unlike traditional gas-powered cars, electric vehicles require slightly more frequent “fueling,” and the availability of charging stations may be more limited. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey, meticulously plan your route before setting off on a long trip. Take the time to identify charging stations along the way, considering factors such as their locations, charging speeds, and any membership requirements.

Forgetting To Unplug

One common mistake that many EV owners make is forgetting to unplug their cars after charging. While it may appear to be a minor oversight, this simple act can have significant consequences. Not only does it result in unnecessary energy consumption, but it can also potentially damage the charging equipment. To ensure maximum efficiency and avoid any potential issues, develop the habit of disconnecting your vehicle from the charging station once fully charged.

Charging at Peak Times

Electric charging rates can vary based on the time of day, with peak hours often forcing higher costs. To save money and ensure efficient charging, avoid charging during peak times when the demand for electricity is high. By doing so, you reduce your charging expenses and help alleviate strain on the electrical grid. You can take advantage of public charging stations that offer discounted rates during off-peak hours.

Failing To Think About the Weather

One important aspect that EV owners should keep in mind is the impact of extreme temperatures, be it hot or cold, on the battery life and overall vehicle performance. Extreme temperatures can significantly affect the battery’s efficiency, leading to reduced range and potential issues with charging. Therefore, consider weather conditions when planning your trips and adjust your driving habits accordingly.

For example, during hot weather, park your electric car in shaded areas or use cooling systems to prevent excessive heat buildup. Similarly, in cold weather, preheating the battery before starting your journey can help optimize its performance.

By understanding these common mistakes to avoid when driving an electric car, you can fully embrace and enjoy the benefits of your EV. However, in addition to avoiding these mistakes, you should consider taking your vehicle to the next level with some upgrades. Here at Sexy Wheelz, we have the perfect Tesla Model 3 wheel covers you need to protect your tires and look stylish wherever you go. After you get comfortable on the road, let us help make things even better!