4 Unique Features That Make Teslas Unlike Other Vehicles

4 Unique Features That Make Teslas Unlike Other Vehicles

Tesla has become one of the most recognizable and popular car brands in recent history for many reasons. Learn about these unique features that make Tesla stand out from other vehicle brands, from touchscreen features to autopilot systems.

Touchscreen Features

While touchscreens are staples in many vehicles today, Tesla’s touchscreens stand apart. The newest Model Y and Model 3 vehicles have a spectacular center screen that controls everything in the car; it serves more than cosmetic and comfort purposes like in other vehicles. No other automotive brands have such a sophisticated layout that allows the driver to control everything.

Web Browsing Features

Tesla offers optimal Internet connectivity features, allowing drivers to access websites and apps online while parked. Spotify and other entertainment apps can help drivers fight off boredom while driving, charging their vehicles, or traveling long distances. With recent updates to security and browser rendering in the last year, web browsing in your Tesla has become safer.

Autopilot Features

Engineers at Tesla have been working on making autopilot and self-driving cars realities. These unique features make Teslas unlike other vehicles. These cars also have automatic braking systems, automatic parallel parking, and lane-changing assistance features. While fully autonomous driving remains in its infancy, Tesla has proved that self-driving vehicles are on the horizon.

Supercharging Stations

Tesla supercharging stations are accessible throughout the United States and other countries, including Australia and France! You can add 200 miles to your Tesla in just 15 minutes. Instead of waiting hours for your Tesla to charge, supercharging stations shave off a considerable amount of time, allowing you to get back on the road quickly.

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