4 Ways To Enhance the Look of Your Tesla Model Y

4 Ways To Enhance the Look of Your Tesla Model Y

Driving a Tesla Model Y can make the driver feel like a movie star. Here are a few ways to enhance the look of your Tesla Model Y further.

Trim and Emblem Coloring

Since the Tesla Model Y comes in all black, it can add appeal for drivers who want to look mysterious and stoic on the open road. However, if you want some personality and flair, you can change the color of your trim and Tesla emblem to look even more stylish. You can choose from various colors, such as red, yellow, and blue, to sleeker colors, like silver, gold, and copper.

Aesthetic Wheel Covers

While Tesla wheels look stylish and sleek, you can easily install Tesla wheel covers for added visual aesthetics and to protect your wheels against wear and tear, corrosion, and abrasion. Not only will you have durable wheels, but you’ll also drive in style.

Interior Accessories

While it’s easy to transform the outside of your Tesla Model Y into a flashy, sleek style, don’t forget about the interior. You can enhance the look of your Tesla Model Y by installing the center console cup holder inserts, hands-free attachments for your phone, and custom color features to alter the feel of your interior.

Add a gloss paint protection film to your center console to preserve the look while protecting its surface or vinyl wrap with a unique finish, color, and texture. Lastly, you can get the trim of your Tesla interior covered or painted for a sleek, sophisticated look.

Brake Calipers

As many cars come with brake calipers, so does Tesla. Brake calipers create housing for brake pads; applying pressure to your brake pedal directs fluid through the lines. This causes the pistons to drive into the caliper, forcing the pads against the rotors. As such, you can get your Tesla calipers powder coated to change them to any color you desire.

There are two methods for powder coating: bagging off the car and coating the calipers or removing and bleeding the brake fluid lines and powder coating them separately. Furthermore, you can install caliper covers over your brake calipers to include logos, slogans, or other writings.

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