How To Gear Up for a Long-Distance Trip in Your Tesla

How To Gear Up for a Long-Distance Trip in Your Tesla

While a road trip may seem like a great idea, it’s essential to prepare. So, here’s how to gear up and get ready for a long-distance trip in your Tesla.

Benefits of Traveling in a Tesla

Many benefits come with driving a Tesla for long-distance travel. Before you know it, you won’t want to choose any other vehicle.

Multiple Driving Features

Telsa comes with many unique features. First, it includes automatic features, such as auto parking, lane changing, lane keeping, and collision avoidance systems to keep you safe while driving. You can also use autopilot navigation and full self-driving features in low-risk areas while on the road.

Increased Road Safety

While on the road, you never know when you might end up in a troublesome situation. These situations can result from a collision, skidding off the road, or losing control. Thankfully, Tesla’s one of the safest car brands you can depend on for long-distance travel. While Tesla vehicles don’t suit off-roading environments, you can still enjoy your travels.

Each Tesla vehicle offers a five-star rating in all safety categories. The manufacturer designed them to keep drivers and passengers safe in instances of a crash, along with avoiding collisions. With Tesla’s blind-spot detection features and well-placed cameras, your vehicle’s automatic braking feature can save you from accidents.

Autopilot Features

While electric vehicles don’t drive autonomously at this point, Tesla has innovative self-driving features to help you navigate parallel parking, vehicle recalling features, and more. The autopilot feature allows for driving without operating the steering wheel, thanks to its eight external cameras and an incredible vision processing system for easy road navigation, parking, and lane changing.

Planning for a Long-Distance Trip

Before you hit the road in your Tesla, you must ensure you have your trip planned out. By including Tesla charging stations in your route plans, you’re well on your way to a successful and memorable road trip.

Stay Somewhere With Tesla Charging Stations

As you start choosing accommodations for your road trip, you should stay in areas with supercharger locations so you can start your trip on a full battery. Tesla batteries don’t share similarities with typical charging memory; you can charge it as often as you like without fear of battery damage. Ideally, drivers should charge their Teslas between 20% to 80% battery life, as full battery charging can take a long time.

As such, staying in a hotel that offers Tesla charging stations allows you to get a good night’s sleep while your battery receives a healthier, slower battery charge throughout the night. Starting your travels with a full battery puts you at a lower risk of getting stranded in instances where you need to take a detour.

Planning Your Route

One of the first things you should do, especially if you plan on traveling in a Tesla, is to plan your route. Luckily, there are a handful of ways to plan a road trip in your Tesla. First, you can put your end destination into your GPS application through your touchscreen, allowing you to find the fastest route available. After you’ve plugged in your destination, you can pick various detours and determine how the additional time will impact your trip.

Planning your route this way accounts for traffic and rest breaks. Planning your route also ensures you’re mentally and physically prepared in case you need to stop. Lastly, you want to book your hotels, Airbnb, campsites, or motels around or at your points of interest ahead of time. Try to fit in a couple of activities during your stops and have a place to stay after your sightseeing adventures.

Tips for Long-Distance Tesla Travel

Once you’ve planned your long-distance road trip, here’s what you need to know for traveling in a Tesla. You’ll have a more pleasant driving experience with these tips, from picking the right gear to maximizing your EV’s range.

Choose Your Gear

Bringing the necessary gear can help make your long-distance trip more comfortable. First, always have an emergency kit with you in cases of injury or car issues. Your emergency kit should include a flashlight, first-aid supplies, cat litter (for containing spills), a window breaker and seatbelt cutter tool, and other supplies. The more prepared you are for worst-case scenarios, the better you’ll handle the predicament.

Furthermore, you should also bring a mobile EVSE, just in case, along with adapters made for Tesla vehicles. You can also bring other travel supplies, including a camper chair, an electric car fridge, and a folding camp table for rest stops to make your long-distance travel more tolerable. Don’t forget additional blankets, pillows, multiple sets of clothes, hygienic products, and cash for places that don’t accept credit cards.

Prepare Your Supercharger Map

One of the worst-case scenarios you can have while traveling in a Tesla is seeing your battery running low with no car charger in sight. So, to avoid this situation, one tip for traveling long-distance in a Tesla is to use your Tesla Supercharger map feature. This map can tell you where you can charge your Tesla during your travels, whether at a Tesla-brand charging station or a supercharger location. You can also install a third-party app called Plugshare to find non-Tesla chargers during your road trip.

Depending on the make and model of your Tesla, your vehicle can vary between 250 to 300 miles of range during your travels. Therefore, you should stop at a supercharger or Tesla-brand charging station every 100 to 200 miles for ensured safety.

Maximize Your Vehicle’s Range

Your Tesla’s range can vary from numerous factors. If you want to increase your range during a road trip, try a few methods. First, park your car in a shady area and turn on the A/C while it charges to maintain a cool cabin temperature during your travels. You can also monitor your vehicle’s temperature and battery life from the Tesla app on your phone.

Furthermore, bulges, cuts or wear, and foreign objects can make an impact on your vehicle’s range. Scheduling a vehicle inspection ahead of time will save you many headaches and frustration.

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How To Gear Up for a Long-Distance Trip in Your Tesla