How To Make Your Tesla Feel More Luxurious

How To Make Your Tesla Feel More Luxurious

While Tesla doesn’t have the same prestige as some other luxury car brands, such as Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini, it is still an incredibly nice car brand. The vehicles feel nice to drive and ride in, but there’s even more luxury you can achieve with your Tesla. There are a few things you can change to make your Tesla feel more luxurious, and these changes come in all shapes and sizes. Find the modifications that are right for you so that you can elevate your own Tesla today.

Upgrade Your Sound System

One of the biggest upgrades you should get for your Tesla to make it feel more luxurious is a new and improved sound system. The audio system that many Teslas already come with is good quality, but there is still room for improvement. Luxury means having the best of the best, and when it comes to your Tesla, that means investing in some upgrades.

A high-end sound system for your Tesla will include some staples, such as high-quality subwoofers and speakers, but there are additional upgrades you should consider. If you want to experience top-of-the-line luxury, invest in bass boosters, use sound-deadening mats, and fine-tune your sound settings. With improved hardware, you will need to play around with your equalizer (EQ) settings to find the perfect combination of settings to make your tunes that much more luxurious.

Play Luxurious Music

In addition to upgrading your sound system, consider changing the music you play. There’s a lot of modern music with great instrumentals and lyricism, but your current playlist may not be luxurious enough yet. If you really want your Tesla to feel more luxurious, capitalize on your new and improved sound system and play some music that redefines what luxurious means.

For starters, consider playing some classics such as Mozart, Bach, Debussy, or Satie. If those composers don’t tickle your fancy, try going for some modern takes on luxury that push the limits of what music can be. The best beats will vary from genre to genre, and it all hinges on personal preference, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Take your sound system to new and exciting soundscapes courtesy of artists such as:

  • Brian Eno
  • A.G. Cook
  • Kamasi Washington
  • Phoebe Bridgers
  • Big Thief
  • Radiohead
  • David Bowie

These artists may not suit everyone’s tastes, but they are definitely effective ways of exploring your sound system and bringing a new air of luxury to your day-to-day Tesla drive.

Put Power in Your Hand

Another way you can make your Tesla more luxurious is by controlling everything through the Tesla app. You can change many different settings, such as the climate in your Tesla, from the center console, but that kind of control is available in every vehicle. Handling everything through your Tesla app before you even get into the vehicle adds an element of luxury that is hard to find elsewhere. There’s nothing better than stepping out on a hot day and getting into your cool and comfortable vehicle without waiting on the AC to kick in.

In addition to climate control, you can use the app to handle other settings, such as how the Tesla charges, the sound system, and the vehicle’s lighting. With the power to control all these systems in the palm of your hand, you can feel like royalty every time you drive.

Get a Car Cover

Dirt and grime are significant variables that can quickly take away from the luxurious feeling of your Tesla. A dirty vehicle is not a luxurious one, but taking your Tesla to the car wash regularly is a hassle that not everyone wants to deal with. Thankfully, there’s an effective solution for keeping your car clean without needing to constantly go clean it: a car cover. A car cover protects your pristine vehicle from the elements, but it does a lot more than simply keeping your car clean.

The main and most obvious benefit is keeping dirt and dust away from your Tesla, giving it an elegant finish every time you step into it. Additionally, a car cover will help to keep the vehicle cool when the sun would otherwise beat down on it for hours. The car cover will also give your Tesla an air of mystery, allowing you to pull back the curtain and show everyone that hiding underneath is your luxurious vehicle. Luxury is hard to attain, but with a quality car cover that keeps out the sun and dirt, it is possible.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Upgrades can take your Tesla to the next level, and one thing you definitely need to upgrade is your lighting system. With some quality LED lights, you can make your Tesla look and feel more luxurious. Enhanced headlights will boost your visibility while you’re driving. As for internal upgrades, you want to turn your attention toward the addition of ambient interior lighting. With this lighting upgrade, you can create a personalized atmosphere or even different moods. With a new lighting scheme, you can ensure your driving experience remains on the edge of luxury and never feels stale.

Invest in Quality Accessories

Another way to make your Tesla more luxurious is by investing in some quality accessories. Accessory is a broad term, but that’s just because there’s an incredible number of different accessories to choose from. You can opt for something simple, such as wheel covers that give your Tesla a more stylish look, or you can turn your attention to your car’s inner cabin.

Some other wonderful accessories you should consider include a quality screen protector and sleek floormats. Slight changes such as these may seem minimal at first, but they can actually do your vehicle a lot of good. For example, the screen protector will keep scratches and scuffs from littering your main screen, and floormats will do the same thing for your Tesla’s interior, rounding out the cabin aesthetics. Other accessories you should consider include:

  • Wireless charging pad
  • Center console organizer
  • Waterless car washing kit

However, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, it is your Tesla. You’re the one who is going to drive it, and luxury is a subjective thing. Find the accessories that make your Tesla work for you and your definition of luxury.

There are several ways you can make your Tesla feel more luxurious, and the time and resource investments they require are well worth it. Every Tesla driver should give some extra care and attention to their car, and Sexy Wheelz is here to help. We have a variety of Tesla accessories, including Tesla Model Y hubcaps, that allow you to advance your Tesla to the next level of luxury.

How To Make Your Tesla Feel More Luxurious