How To Make Your Tesla More Energy Efficient

How To Make Your Tesla More Energy Efficient

Teslas are efficient vehicles for reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability in your life. But preserving the longevity of your vehicle’s battery is crucial for a long-lasting car. So, here are tips for making your Tesla more energy efficient in your daily routine.

Drive Within Speed Limits

Speed limits aren’t just for safety; they can also help conserve your Tesla’s battery life. Speed limits ensure both economy and safety on the road. Lithium-ion batteries can lose their energy efficiency from exceeding speed limits.

The slower you drive your Tesla, the less energy your battery wastes. Conversely, the more you speed, the lower the life expectancy of your battery. Follow the law and help your Tesla last longer on the road.

Prevent Sudden or Rapid Accelerations

The goal when driving your Tesla is to drive as smoothly as possible without suddenly braking or accelerating. Making abrupt stops and accelerations consumes more energy than driving carefully. So, focus on using regenerative braking practices while you drive. Regenerative braking can help add a few miles to your vehicle’s range.

Practicing one-pedal driving helps recuperate the surplus energy generated while decelerating and allows the battery to charge. For that reason, Tesla has its regenerative braking set to “Standard,” but you can also go super aggressive with the regen function by choosing “Hold” under the Stopping Mode. This allows the regenerative braking function to operate at lower speeds.

Limit Your A/C Usage

Air conditioning and temperature-controlling systems in your Tesla require a considerable amount of energy. If your battery starts running low, turning your A/C off can help you reach the next charging station. So, while you might feel sweaty and uncomfortable, you’re more likely to reach your destination while conserving battery life.

Don’t Use Fast Charging Stations

While fast charging stations are a quick and reliable means for charging your Tesla on a time crunch, it doesn’t necessarily benefit your battery’s life. If there’s one way to help prolong the life of your Tesla battery, it’s limiting the use of fast charge stations. Because Superchargers produce a higher voltage than traditional wall charging, the lithium-ion battery in your Tesla is subject to much higher temperatures. Over time, these high temperatures can degrade the battery.

While your Tesla is equipped with Active Thermal Management systems, they can’t reverse lithium-ion cell battery chemistry. So, for optimized battery health, charge your Tesla on low-voltage chargers more regularly. You want to limit the use of Supercharger stations as much as possible and only use them when necessary.

Disable Unused Features & Try “Chill Mode”

Your new Tesla will come with several different features to customize it to your liking. However, too many active applications can result in decreased energy efficiency. So, if you want to get more out of your car battery, switching up unused or unnecessary features can help. For instance, you can turn off features such as Cabin Overheat Protection, Sentry Mode, Headlights After Exit, and more.

Furthermore, another way to save energy efficiency is to try the “Chill” mode on your Tesla. Tesla often comes with a default “Standard” setting for acceleration, but switching it to the “Chill” feature can limit the available torque and power, improving efficiency. While power and torque are a fun part of driving, they don’t always benefit a Tesla’s driving range. So, try disabling unnecessary features in your Tesla and switching it over to “Chill” mode for improved battery life.

Use Aero Wheel Tires and Maintain Tire Pressure

Another tip for making your Tesla more energy efficient is maintaining tire pressure and installing aero wheel covers. They’re often made from a lighter material with five small openings between thick spokes. While the design of aero wheel covers isn’t for everyone, they are an excellent solution for increasing energy efficiency. Drivers will notice a considerable difference during long driving trips and highway travel.

Additionally, maintaining tire pressure and wheel alignment are crucial aspects of energy efficiency. Driving with underinflated tires can lead to higher battery consumption. Furthermore, wheel misalignment can result in more friction or rolling resistance, causing you to replace your tires sooner. Maintaining your tires and installing aero wheel covers can significantly benefit your Tesla’s energy output.

Start a Daily Charing Routine

Irregular charging periods for your Tesla can result in a less efficient battery. Instead, start developing good, consistent charging habits to help your Tesla’s lithium-ion battery pack last longer on the road. While it doesn’t necessarily increase range, regular charging can help maintain it. Furthermore, consistent charging can help slow battery degradation.

Instead of charging your battery to 100 percent, charge it to 90 percent for daily driving. As you make your way home, avoid your battery falling below 20 percent, as it could lead to further battery degradation. To get the most range possible, charge your battery to 100 percent before leaving and don’t have it at that charge level for too long. Keeping your Tesla battery between 20 and 90 percent can result in an optimal, long-lasting battery.

Avoid Excess Weight in Your Tesla

Did you know that weight plays an important factor in your Tesla’s battery life? Excess weight, such as a cargo rack or a roof box, can impact your Tesla’s range. So, if you want to improve energy efficiency, remove unnecessary cargo for daily driving.

The more weight you add to a Tesla, the more energy it needs to drive. Lastly, for better range and aero management, keeping your Tesla’s windows up can help maintain its coefficient of drag. While it’s tempting to roll the windows down, keeping them up will help energy efficiency.

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How To Make Your Tesla More Energy Efficient