The Benefits of Using Wheel Covers on Your Tesla

The Benefits of Using Wheel Covers on Your Tesla

Electric vehicles have grabbed the world’s attention, making a fantastic alternative to gas-powered transportation. The prolific electric vehicle company, Tesla, has paved the way for automotive manufacturers to produce electric-powered vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution and change society’s views on transportation.

However, electric vehicle performance has some obstacles, including drag, range, performance, and customization. Thankfully, wheel covers improve the way Tesla EVs perform. So, here are some significant benefits of using wheel covers on your Tesla.

Increases Range

One of the main claims of Tesla aero wheel covers is their improvement of range and energy efficiency. Recent tests have shown that aero wheel covers have reduced energy consumption by a little over 3 percent, equivalent to an increase from 312 miles to 322 miles.

Furthermore, other tests improve consumption by 2½ percent from 253 miles to 260 miles and another by 4½ percent from 190 miles to nearly 200 miles. These recent tests have proved that the range increase is partly due to aero wheel covers.

Improves Aerodynamics

Drag and resistance can reduce aerodynamic characteristics in EVs. However, one benefit of using wheel covers for your Tesla is that they can help increase grip and range while decreasing noise performance. Furthermore, their increase in aerodynamic performance also increases vehicle speeds.

Boost Visual Aesthetics

While Tesla has eye-catching designs for their vehicles, installing wheel covers can give it a boost in visual aesthetics. Tesla vehicles have a distinct design that stands out from other automotive competitors. So, installing Tesla wheel covers adds a stylish, unique look while cruising on the open road.

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