The Dos and Don’ts of Washing Your Tesla

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Tesla cars can look beautiful all year round with proper cleaning and care, but you must ensure you do so correctly. Read on for some dos and don’ts of washing your Tesla so you get a long-lasting shine.

Do Put Your Car in Wash Mode

Many Teslas come with a Car Wash Mode to improve the cleaning process. It’s a great feature that works for automated conveyer belt washes or home cleanings. The Car Wash Mode disables windshield wipers, closes windows, and locks charging ports to prevent moisture from getting in. Car Wash Mode also puts your Tesla in Sentry Mode, enabling parking sensor chimes and walk-away door locks.

You enable Car Wash Mode by going to the Controls, then to Service, and then selecting Car Wash Mode. You disable it by choosing the Exit Car Wash Mode button on your Tesla screen.

Don’t Use Bristles

One thing to avoid while washing your Tesla is using brushes or other cleaning materials with bristles. Instead, if you want to avoid scratching or scuffing of any sort, you could try waterless washing. For this method, you don’t need a bucket or water; all you need is a spray bottle and the solution. You simply spray the waterless cleaning solution onto your Tesla and wipe it away with a microfiber cloth.

Don’t Forget the Interior

One thing you shouldn’t do when cleaning your Tesla is to neglect your vehicle’s interior. Always inspect your Tesla’s interior and maintain its appearance to prevent unwanted wear.

You should always clean up spills or marks immediately. Otherwise, general cleaning involves using a soft cloth, like a microfiber wipe, dampened with a mild non-detergent cleaner and warm water. You can avoid streaks by drying wet areas immediately after with a lint-free soft cloth.

With these dos and don’ts for washing your Tesla in mind, you know how to keep your vehicle looking pristine after cleaning. At Sexy Wheelz, we understand your desire to improve your Tesla’s visual aesthetics and aerodynamics. In addition to our cleaning tips, our set of 4 18/19” Tesla Model Y wheel hubcaps will further elevate your vehicle. These hubcaps improve energy efficiency and make for simple installation so you can get back on the road the same day. Contact us today if you have any questions about our Tesla wheel covers!