Why Are Tesla Wheels Bigger Than Most Cars?

Why Are Tesla Wheels Bigger Than Most Cars?

Many variables make Tesla cars great, but the purpose of some isn’t completely clear—especially to new Tesla vehicle owners. For example, why are Tesla wheels bigger than most cars? Granted, some manufacturers base their design choices mostly on aesthetic appeal. However, there’s a reason for Tesla’s bigger tire size. Get the details below.

Improved Aerodynamics

Tesla tires have improved aerodynamics when you compare them to traditional wheel sizes, which is one of the biggest reasons why they are bigger. Many Tesla drivers enjoy a nice balance between performance and efficiency thanks to the wheels’ size and shape. Larger wheels generate less drag, allowing the car to glide, which also helps improve energy efficiency.

More Efficient Battery

Jumping off the last point, with improved aerodynamics, Tesla vehicles also have a more efficient battery. The right aerodynamics help you go farther with less, meaning that you can cover more ground while consuming less battery power. This energy efficiency leads to greater travel distances without performance sacrifices, resulting in a more enjoyable driving experience where you don’t need frequent charging stops. With better battery usage, you can go on longer trips knowing that your Tesla will deliver the performance you need throughout the journey.

Better Road Grip

Tesla also makes their wheels bigger so they can have better road grip. With increased surface area, these wheels offer superior traction on the road, resulting in a safer and more stable driving experience. Better grip is incredibly useful when you drive in challenging conditions like rain, snow, or ice. A larger and stronger connection between the vehicle and the road means drivers can handle the vehicle better. Telsa tires can make a noticeable difference in your safety on the road, whether you’re just going to work or on an adventure.

Increased Acceleration and Deceleration Efficiency

Bigger wheels on your electric car also lead to greater efficiency when it comes time to accelerate and decelerate. The larger wheel size allows for smoother movement when electric cars require more power to accelerate. This smoother transition between speeds can optimize the vehicle’s energy usage, leading to improved overall efficiency.

Tesla wheels are bigger than most cars for a good reason. These bigger wheels provide numerous advantages to drivers on the road, but the improvements don’t end there. Let Sexy Wheelz help you upgrade your wheels with our quality Tesla Model Y wheel covers. The bigger wheels provide numerous benefits, and the right wheel covers will take your Tesla’s look to the next level!